Opowiadanie"If Only I Had Not Gone On That Trip..."

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The whole last summer I spent at home.I was very upset and disappointed,because of that.My friend decided that we should go on „last minute”trip to one of the hotest place Egypt.Unfortunatelly the travel-agent didn`t have that offer for us.However we didn`t give up.The woman-agent was still looking.Finally she found a trip to Cyprus.

We were so excited about it,that immediatelly we ran to our houses and started to pack.The flight was planned in the morning on the next day.I came back home and announced my grandma that I`m going on a great holiday to sunny and beatiful place,but then she told me that she had a bad dream and I shouldn`t go on that trip.Of course,I didn`t listen to her and called Peter to arrange all the details.

Next day I overslept.I woke up at nine o`clock and realised that I had one hour left to my flight.I went to the airport by taxi and breathlessly I ran on a board.I took my seat and looked around,because I hadn`t noticed my friends.After two hours something strange was going on.The plane started,made some noises which came from the engine.The passengers panicked nobody knew what was happening.In a while the air hostess told us to calm down and prepare for crash landing.i was fearful,all my life stood in front of my eyes.We landed on an ocean,and launches were waiting for us.I didn`t know where I was.The Rescuers took us to some airport and conducted us to a small flew to Cyprus,but when we landed safely this time,I thought about my friends where there are? It turned out that they didn`t get on a board,because they had been late.Later we had an accomondation in a hotel and when I went into an apartment I thought:If only I had not gone on that trip…

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