A letter giving advice

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Dear Ann,

I was sorry to hear about your problem. If I were you I\'d tell my parents about the accident. They of cours will be unhappy, but they have a reason. They worry about You and your future!

I think yuo should start revising. If you start right now, and you won\'t be lazy, You will pass these exams.

If You don\'t undresstand something, what presumably will be on these exams, You can go on private lessons. Your parents can help You find a good teacher, and of course they will pay for him.

You must also stop worry immediately! Bewailing over yourself directs to nothing! Just start revising and simply \' DON\'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! \'. I think everything will be back to normal soon.

I hope this advice is of some help to You.

Good luck,
Auntie Claire

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