Weekend in Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich culture, just south of China. People call it “the jewel of south-east Asia” for a good reason. Its tropical climate, white sandy beaches and ancient temples make it a perfect holiday destination.

I was in this beautiful country for two days, which seemed to be an hour. The Thais are friendly and kind people. My travel agency recommended me to stay with a Thai family, so I agreed. I stayed in a small village not far from Bangkok- the capital of Thailand
In the morning of the first day I was introduced to some of the villagers, and I made a new friend – Kasem. He suggested being my guide. In the midday Kasem took me for a ride on a camel. After explaining me the theory we started to ride. At first I was a bit scared because I saw another tourist falling from a camel, and it seemed to be painful, but when I tried to give up Kasem encouraged me by showing me how easy it is. So when I got on the camels back Kasem told me that we are going to a beautiful Buddhist temple. After hour of riding we got to another village. My guide explained me the basic rules of Buddhism, and we went inside the temple. It was really heart-stopping sight. A lot of golden hand-made monuments of Buddha were very beautiful. After visiting the temple we went for a dinner. Thai food is very spicy and includes curries, fish, seafood, soups and noodles. After the dinner we went back to Kasem’s village on a camel’s back. Although the camels are stinky animals they are more comfortable than horses. In the evening Kasem showed me how Thai people catch fish. They don’t use fishing rods. They stand in a river with a net and try to catch them with it. They’ve got very good reflexes. I tried once to catch a fish but I didn’t succeed. It was very difficult. Next day Kasem showed me how Thai people spend their free time. It was Surin- Kasem’s favorite holiday. Thai People love to enjoy themselves. The festival began in the midday. We went to watch traditional dance show. After the show Kasem took me for a Thai boxing match. After dinner Kasem had to go somewhere and he told me to go on a sports field. When I got there I saw a great view. Some man was playing football, but it wasn’t an ordinary football. It was elephant football. After few seconds I spotted my friend – Kasem. He was sitting on an elephant’s back. He scored twice during the match and his team won by 5 to 2.After the match I had to say good bye to Kasem and his family. I packed my suitcase and took a taxi to the Bangkok.

My weekend in Thailand was wonderful, but not very luxuries. I slept on a mattress in a small room. But I didn’t spend a lot of time in the cottage. If I encouraged somebody to spend his holidays in Thailand, I would suggest taking some cream with filter, because the climate is very hot. These holidays aren’t much expensive. Prices start at about £900 per person.

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