Tsunami in Thailand

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Tsunami in Thailand

On 26th of December 2004 big tsunami waves flooded large areas of Thailand and nearby places. On this day a great number of people died, mainly tourists. The wave hit the island in the morning.
It was a sunny day. The beach was crowded. Some people were swimming in the sea, and some were sunbathing. Everybody was enjoying the sun and having a great time, but they didn’t know then what was going to happen in a few minutes. In a nearby shop some news was being broadcast. It was warning of big waves on the sea caused by an earthquake. Everyone ignored the news. Suddenly, dark clouds appeared in the sky and the sea started to storm. People were afraid and they were hurrying to leave the beach. But the waves were faster…
Many of the people drowned. Many of them lost their families, houses, workplaces and even the cities where they lived. Everything was flooded. Nobody had a chance to resist the force of the torrential element.

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