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1 . She said to me : „ I don’t understand what you say „

She told me that she didn’t understand what I said

2 . „Will Ann come tommorow „ , I asked .

I asked if/whether Ann would come the next day

3 . He warned me „ Don’t go there „

He warned me not to go there

4 . She answered „ I will be back next Tuesday „

She answered she would be back the/following Sunday

5 . He said „ I picked up gorgeus girl „

He informed us that he had picked up girl

6 . „Try again using this key „

He advised me to try using that key

7 . My Dad said to me „ Your buddy is waiting for you „

My Dad told me that my buddy was waiting for me

8 . Mike announced „ Claudia and I are engaged „

Mike announced that Claudia and he were engaged

9 . „What platform does the train leave from ? „

Jerry asked what platform the train left from

10 .He remind „ The conference will take place next month „

He said that the conference would take place the next week

11 .„I obey my master „ , he said .

He said he obeyed his master

12 .She replied „ I had no opportunity to do it „

She replied that she had had no opportunity to do it

13 . Morpheus asked Neo: „ Do really want to swallow this pill ? „

Morpheus asked Neo whether/if he really wanted to swallow that pill

14 .Will promised „ I will do my best „

He promised that he would do his best

15 .The worker said „ Our factory was built three years ago „

The worker said that their company had been built three years before

16 .He remarked „ If it gets cold , we will put on our coats „

He remarked if it got cold , we would put on our coats

17 .Michael Jordan said „ I will retire from NBA next season „

MJ said that he would retire from NBA the next season

18 .Am I looking pale today ?

She asked everyone if she was looking pale that day

19 .Did Tristan send Izolda flowers ?

We tried to find out whether Tristan sent Izolda flowers

20 . „Why are you being so nasty ? „ she asked me .

She enquired why I was being so nasty

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