My last exam

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It was big math test. I was scared because the material was spacoius and difficult and I didn’t know from which parts of material it will be exactly. I was learning by the nights but I couldn’t understand everything. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if my math teacher was a normal person but she is not. Just try to imagine woman who has taught for 44 years and is still single. That’s a merciless monster with who won’t let nobody leave our school without knowledge about math. Even if you’re on history faculty it doesn’t matter. You have to learn everything she wants you to learn othervise you must prapare youself for big trouble. So the day before the test I was sitting and learning till morning then i went to school. Everybody were nervous. When we got into class and she gave us the test I saw that it wasn’t so difficult as I thought. I wrote it and I was sure that I will get more than 15 points (maximum was 30 points). Nest week when she gave us corrected tests and when I saw six and a half points on my test I broke down. One of the most important tests and I did so many mistakes in it that all test was red from her ballpen. And now I have to write it again but this time it has to be more than 6,5 points othervise she will kill me.

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