Animal testing

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History of medical researches begins hundreds years ago when people often called wizards were preparing mixtures to heal people. In that times nobody was criticising ways of developing drugs. Nowadays, there are millions of cosmetics, chemistry and medicine products around us. What is more, methods of testing them developed. We can check them by chemistry but to some products animals are the only way to test them.

It is fashionable to criticise modern drugs and the ways that we develop them, but we should never forget that there have been millions of lives saved by them. Testing animals was the only chance to make many vaccines. In the same way was about insulin. There are some people, who believe that insulin wasn't purified for use by testing animals. BULLSHIT! I have many proves that it is a lie. Insulin - the live saving drug for diabetics was discovered by tests on ones doctors dog!

Animal testing is required to make sure that drugs are safe before being tried on humans. I can't imagine introducing a new medicine without checking its effects on animals. Ofcourse there accidents where results of animal testing were different to human. It is not the point to stop researches. It is only one drop of milk in the ocean of coffee.

In some areas of researches humans are the only alternatives to animals. Researches would have stopped without animal testing. Nobody would like to be a tester of some new drug - it is just too dangerous. On the other hand we have to develop them - so the only thing we have are animals. It is also worth mentioned that there is a minimum of suffering in experiments, and this is because they are cared out carefully. Moreover about, all of these animals were specially bred for researches. They live to serve humans.

My opinion is that toady's world would have gone without this "different help of animals". Maybe some of researches are unnecessary. We should reduce them. Nevertheless I deeply believe that at least half of us wouldn't exist now on this planet without animal testing.

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