Czy powinniśmy robić testy na zwierzętach | Testing on animals

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The question is difficult, but I will try to answer.

Maybe ecologists will be angry on me, but I think, that is good that scientists are testing new substances on animals. I know that rat or any other animal has feelings. But in my opinion it is better to testing something on animals, then kidnapping poor children in Africa or in Poland for experiments (I think that any parent wants this). Scientists need a lot of experimental objects, so if we allow to testing on people the human race will be on extinction (only scientists will be on the Earth). Or, in the other hand – in the short time everyone will want to be a scientist and the whole world economy will sink. So it is bad idea to testing on people.
If governments will give disposition to no-testing all of the new products will be danger for our skin, health and live. All of the science will be sink. The world will stand in the place.
Testing on animals is bad, but it is less bad than testing or people, or no-testing. Ecologists have to understand me, because I have right, not them. And I think that the governments of all countries should make the reserves for ecologists (just like Americans did with Indians). It will be good for them; they will be going naked in the forests. They will be happy, and the civilized people will be happy too.
If people want to have peace in the world, they should to understand that the whole world needs to have scientists and scientists need to testing. The world is so arranged and everyone should to respect this!

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