Animal experiments

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Animal experiments.

It is claimed that Animal Experiments are necessary for the benefit of medical science and human health. However, a growing number of doctors and scientists worldwide are pointing out the fact that animal research is totally useless and damaging to human health.

Testing a drug or chemical on an animal provides no evidence that it is safe for humans. This is because of species differences: animals do not react in the same way to drugs and other substances as we do.

It is true that animal tests give results about the whole body but it is the wrong body.

Animal tests do harm to people and to animals. Though about 80% of laboratory animals are rats and mice, these creatures can suffer like any others and deserve our respect.

So why does Animal Research continue?

Because it is convenient and flexible- it can be used to prove almost anything.

Because many scientists base their entire careers on animal

Drug companies can say that they have tested their drugs before marketing them.

It is fairly cheap and simple.

It is easy to forget that this is just one method of research- there are others. They include:

- epidemiology, in which groups of people are monitored to discover the causes of disease

test- tube experiments with human tissues for the production of biological products like vaccines and antibodies.
Computer simulations of body systems for use in medical research and in teaching.
These tests have two key advantages over animal experiments there is no suffering and results are directly relevant to human medicine.

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