Men are more interested in sport than woman.

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Men are often associated with tin of beers, sitting in front of the TV and watching a football match. Then woman want to switch over to some serial or talk-show. It is generally considered that men are more interested in sport than women. Let's look at the arguments for and against.
First of all, we may observe that men are cultivating sport more than women. Looking back in the history we can see that most of sports are for men, because they demand strengh. In addition, it is believed that women cannot be interested in sport, bacause 'that is not for girls'. To some extend, interest in sport is written in our nature and it is hard to break the border between men's and women's hobbies.
Nevertheless, the world, people's interests and culture is changing. Woman are adopting duties, commonly considered to be doing by men. The manner of thinking is also altering and women are more and more often take up interests which are attributed to men. What is more, there are more and more disciplines where women take part in. Futhermore, some of these new ones are intended only for women. In a result, an interest in sport among women has increased.
On the whole, from year to year people interest in sport is growing. This growth is observed especially among women. In spite of this, we may definitely say that men are more interested in sport then the fair sex.

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