No mobile phones at school- benefits and drawbacks

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Mobile phones are considered by many as an essential part of modern life and they are becoming more and more common among students in high schools and even in grade once. Due to many factors and parents' fears many schools are prompted to ban usage of cell phones. Solving the problem this way is connected with many benefits and drawbacks.
Firstly, phones can be considered as an extremely serious distraction for students. The wide variety of applications makes playing mobile games, chatting, browsing websites and listening to music available during the classes. Moreover, cheating during exams by exchanging messages without the teacher knowing is possible. In addition, phone ringing and vibrating might disturb the lesson.
On the other hand, mobile phones can serve as a connection between students and their parents as it is sometimes the only way to be in touch round the clock. What is more, they might be an invaluable tool in emergency, prompt situations. Thanks to many phone applications we can treat them as great pass-timers outside class hours, as well as, the kind of counting tool, dictionary and a bank of data and information.
To conclude, possibility of having mobile phones at school has its bad and good sides. Everything boils down to the school rules and the way how the teachears carry them out. We can treat such an invention as a blessing when it is used properly.

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