American lifestyle and culture have invaded Poland.

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American lifestyle and culture is well-known all over world. It have invaded not only Poland but all Europe. Anyway, I will talk about our country.
Firstly, why kids have got Halloween? Hallo! Here’s Poland. It’s All Saints Day! It’s not monsters just candles and pray. And what’s about Valentines Day? Do you know that we have got our own Valentines Day but not in February just in June? Are you surprised? It’s called Noc Świętojańska or Sobótki and it’s celebrate in the shortest night in the year. Usually it’s from 21 to 22 June but leap year. Don’t you think June is best time for love than cold February? So we have got Halloween and Valentine’s Day. When will we celebrate Thanksgiving Day instead of 3rd May Constitution?
Secondly, television. We watch programs like Nanny 911 or doctor 90210. I understand why parents watch program about bring children up but why do it people without or with adult child? And who cares plastic surgery of people who we don’t even know? It all came to us from America. All this reality shows say about people who can be our neighbours. It seems to us like we peep them. This programs don’t teach us. It’s stupid taking up our valuable time.
Thirdly, food. Hamburgers, hot-dogs, and fizzy drinks like coca-cola. Yeah, that’s yummy. But it’s so unhealthy that you can’t even imagine it. It’s just make us fatter and fatter. Just one look on America and you can see why you shouldn’t eat it. Most of Americans people are obese, especially kids. Fast food seems to be a perfect solution for busy people but that’s just illusion. Better go to real restaurant and wait a few minutes longer than eat artificial chickens.
And fourthly, names. Most of new inventions is called in English, for example Discman. That’s strange because we live in Poland but I understand it. But there’s new fashion – young people talking in two languages, in Polish and English in the same time. Truthly, I do it too. Words like “sorry” or “cool” you can hear more times than theirs equivalents in Polish. Sometimes English words are reshape by Polish people. Right now we say “mejknąć” because of make, “stajl” have got different spelling, etc.
Of corse there’s the other side of the coin too. American society have got huge contribution to science and technique. But should we take from them everything, don’t even look at what we get?

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