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Our project is aimed at comparing cultures and lifestyles teenagers in Poland and the USA.
The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world, with many differences. Each region displays its own mentality, culture, climate and even rights and that’s why it is so hard to describe culture of this country. The Americans has often been called a nation of immigrants. People from all over the world add part of their culture
to general culture of the Unites States. In contrast to the USA there is no such a cultural diversity
in Poland.
At the beginning we would like to say about music. The definition of what constitutes music varies according to culture and social context. That’s why in USA we have more kinds
of music than in Poland. Firstly nowadays teenagers in our country listen to pop, metal and hip-hop. Similar to Poland, in the USA young people mainly listen to pop and hip-hop, but music market is more developed there. Secondly foreign music is very popular in Poland, for example songs of Bob Sinclair, Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias, 50 cent, Green Day, Rihanna and Beyonce. Nevertheless Polish artists are also on top lists. The most Famous polish musicians are Doda, Wilki, Sumptuastic, Rubik, Kasia Cerekwicka, Gosia Andrzejewicz, Patrycja Markowska, Ira and Goya. There is more types of music in the USA, like jazz, gospel, R&B, house club music, blues, soul, rock, punk, rock & roll, folk music and rap. American teenagers also listen to Polish bands like Acid Drinkers and Ich Troje. Another important thing is that there are more concerts and life music in the USA. Moreover the availability of music is bigger to American teenagers than to us. From that reason black market develops here, where everybody can buy pirates Cds. What is more as everybody knows each country has own music stars. For example Elvis Presley, who was born in Memphis in 1935 was the most famous old star in the USA. However Poland doesn’t have traditions und culture of music as the USA and that’s why we don’t have such popular stars like Elvis. Next, in both countries, independently on sorts of music, songs talk about love, life and problems. That is all about music.
Then, we would like to say that lifestyle in Poland is healthier than in the USA. Polish teenagers spend a lot of time on the open air. They lead active lifestyles and practice sports in contrast to American young people. Secondly in the USA children watch more TV than we do. They spend four times longer on computers than adults, mainly playing computer games. The United States is second, after Bollywood films’ producer. The most famous films’ fabric is Hollywood.
Next thing, what we want to talk about is Ghosts` Celebration. Halloween is very popular among American teenagers. It is connected with ghosts, witches and monsters. It takes place on 31st October. People for fun may try a lot of games and something like that
on Halloween. Every year kids put on white sheets and then knock at every doors that there noticed. They always say “trick or treat” . Halloween came from United States to Poland.
The biggest difference between the United States and Poland are eating habits. Firstly people In the USA eat mainly fast foods. The most famous
is McDonald, even three – year old children learn that it is the best. Secondly Poland in contrast to the United States has traditional meals like sauerkraut stew (bigos), which is made of sauerkraut, meat and mushrooms. Traditional Polish restaurant serve gołąbki, pierogi, mielone, barszcz z uszkami, golonka, schabowe and rosół. The Polish also like all kinds of international food, for example pizza and spaghetti. The Americans eat less fresh fruit and vegetables but more fast food . Moreover food is very important in Poland, every celebration has special dishes. However American people eat when they have nothing to do or watching TV. These are usually sticks, crisp, peanuts, chocolates and sweets. In Poland there are three – four normal meals and in USA people instead of meals eat snacks.
Another thing is that American are different. On the one hand, in the United State most people are overweight, but on the other hand, there are too many anorexic people. They have obsession of losing weight. Mainly women want to lose weight fast, and that’s why they starve and torture themselves. Polish teenagers often imitate the Americans lifestyle, so they tend to consume hamburgers, hot dogs, crisps, drink coca-cola etc.
In the USA teenagers and children are more willingly employ than In Poland. This differences influence on spending money with American teenagers. Polish young people travel to the United States to earn money because there are higher wages. The Americans spend a lot of time and money in shopping centers. They buy many clothes, music CD and other useless things.
Summing up both cultures have many differences and similarities. The USA is more culture diversity than Poland. The lifestyles in our country is healthier than in America, because we don’t eat so much fast foods. Polish teenagers spend a lot of time on the open air and lead active lifestyle. Next In US and Poland music is very important part of our life. Teenagers listen a lot of kinds of music like hip-hop, POP and rock. Another thing is that education in Poland is more effective than US. Moreover In the USA people earn much more money and spend it on shopping. From Poland most young people leave for money to US. - nielogiczne
Finally we hope we bring you closer lifestyles and culture of these two countries.


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