What does it mean to be green

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In order to “be green” it isn't necessary to try, it will be sufficient lightly to change its habits. One should not use plastic bottles, best to buy oneself a few reusable. Instead of to buy new books wasting paper it is possible to borrow them from the library or to buy “e-book” on the Internet. It isn't necessary to reproach empty to the printer, best to buy the corpulence set filling, there will be no need of buying new ink. Thanks to that a demand for plastic is reduced. If we print many documents we should do it on both sides of the sheet of paper, we will consume less paper what it won't be necessary to cut trees down by. Amongst acquaintances it is possible to initiate the latest fashion for packing presents into old newspapers, here we also save trees, by the way it can be very cool and creative way. Some they can recognize it as the stupidity, but it is necessary to save straws, if by them we often drink something it instead of to reproach it is possible to wash them and to use again. If one person does it that's no use, but if this way it will already make the million of persons great frugality of plastic. Oneself it is also possible to invent a lot of ways to save still our planet.

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