Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens

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This story is about little boy, called Oliver Twist. Oliver was an orphan because his mother died after his birth and his father died before his birth. His father died in Italy about 1830 because of fever, incurable ill.

Oliver was living in a workhouse, in terrible circumstances. He had to work very hard and he was starving very often. He decided to leave the house and get to the London. He was walking seven days practically without the food, then in a small village he met some guy, who offered him help. He took Oliver to the house of Artful's (strange guy) friend called Fagin. Unfortunately, new Olivier's friends were thieves. They wanted him to be one of them. During one of his works, Oliver was captured, but not accused. He was lucky because the doctor name Mr Bronlow was very good person. Oliver was happy when he was living in the doctor's house. This happy time was very short for Oliver. After a few days he was kidnapped by the thieves. They made him to broke up to the house owned by a rich woman. During this robbery, Oliver broke his arm and the others run away. They leave him alone. Oliver found help in the house which he planned to rob. Old woman and her stepdaughter gave him a hand. He was happy again. Some day Rose (stepdaughter's name) felt bad, so he went to the city for the medicines. He met there some guy, who terrified him. Oliver run away and forgot about this bad guy. When Rose felt better, Oliver told her about the stranger so they decided to go to the doctor and get some solution of the problem. The doctor made the guy to tell the truth why he hated the Oliver. Then the moment of the truth had come. The strange man was the stepbrother of the Oliver. He didn't want him to get the share in money of their father. Rose was the sister of Oliver's mother.

Everything has changed to the Oliver. He found a new family and go abroad with them, where they started a new life.

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