Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
Charles Dickens was born in1812 in London. His father was a clerk in an office.

There were eight children in the family, so the life was hard. Charles went to school and his teachers thought he was very clewer. But suddenly, when he was only eleven, his father went to prison for his debts and the family went there too. Only Charles didn`t go to prison.

He went to a work in a factory, where he washed bottles. He worked for ten hours a day and erned six shillings(30 penny)a week. Charles hated it and newer forgot the experience. He used it in many nowels, especially "David Copperfield" and "Oliwer Twist".

When he was sixteen, he started working for a newspaper. He visited law courts and the House of Parliament. Soon he was one of the "Morning Chronicle`s" best jurnalist. He also wrote short stories for magazines. These were funny descriptions of peoplethat he met.

His books became popular in many countries and he spent a lot of time abroad, in America, Jtaly and Switzerland.

Dickens had ten childrens, but he didn`t have happy family life. He was succesfull in his work but not at home and his wife left him.
He newer stopped writing, and he died very suddenly in 1870.

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