Advantages and disadvantages of going to school.

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It is said that school is the second home. We should feel safe and be happy there. However, in the same aspects school does not fulfill its duties.
First of all, schools give you the opportunity to learn basic knowledge of different subjects. You learn to write, read and count and it would not be possible when we stay at home. What is more, spending time at school you meet new people with whom you become closer and finally you make friends. Mostly this friendship lasts forever, Moreover we acquire the competence in learning cooperation and discipline. It prepares us for groupwork in the society in the future. On the other hand, most schools offer us the same kind of learning. Students have no chance to choose subjects they want to learn and very often they must study too much amount of information. Furthermore, sometimes it happens that students are treated unfair by the teachers and it makes them feel stressed and sometimes they play truant. Last but not least, modern schooling provides so much learning that we do not have free time for ourselves because we have to spend long hours to acquire the whole knowledge or we must take extra lessons. On balance it seems that going to school has as many disadvantages as positive aspects. I do not mind not going to school because I have spent the most beautiful moments in my life there.

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