„Talking via Internet vs. talking face to face”

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There are several ways of talking. I want to compare two of them: talking via Internet and talking face to face. In my opinion second way of talking is better. I will try to prove it in my essay.

When you talk with someone face to face you can see this person. You know if he or she is bored or interested in the things which you are talking about. You can also show him or her something what you want. It’s easier to explain something to the person who is talking with you. You can console someone or have fun with him or her. It’s more pleasant when you talk to your friend and see him or her.

Talking via Internet is good when you have no time to meet your friends. Then you can do it in Internet. Talking by Internet is better than talking face to face when you are sick and you can not leave your house. This way of talking is the best for disabled people. For them Internet’s conversations are the only ways to meet someone.

As you can see in my examples two ways of talking are good in different circumstances. You can choose one of them, which will be better for you in a particular situation. But remember that when you have free time you should rather choose talking face to face because then you can learn more about your friends.

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