Pros and cons: Woman should stay at home and look after children.

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Most people want their wives to stay at home and take care of children. This solution could be one of the ways to happiness in men's life. However women in XXI century prefere education, studies, work and earning money than sitting at home. Of course there are many advantages to stay women at home.

First of all, husbands are always well informated where they are staying, what they are doing and who their wives are speaking to, because women are spending all day with children. Moreover, when husbands come back home in the evening, hot supper is waiting for them. But the most important reason to stay and work woman in home are the children. Because those \"little people\" are part of woman, they feel happy and safe when are staying together. Mother can always come with help, kiss and take in arms. As a result children in the future will grow for sedate and intelligent people.

On the other hand, women who stay at home all the time, can feel miserable, lonely and depressed. That kind of work doesn\'t give any money o when a woman wants to buy something for her, first must ask her husband to give her some money. For many women that could be humiliating.
Moreover, women without work has to listen her husband because she isn\'t self-dependent and as a result man can treat her similar to servant or slave. Although the are side by side (women with man), wives can\'t do anything she wants because she doesn\'t have her own money.

As it can be seen it is not easy to say whether a woman should stay at home or work. In my opinion, every woman should make a good choice which is suitable for her situation and for that what she really want to do.

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