The advantages and disadvantages of living home for a whole year in order to learn abroad.

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Have you ever considered spending a whole year abroad, for example in the USA, in order to learn the language? Nowadays, when traveling is quick and safe, it is possible and very popular. However, although it is an interesting offer, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Students who consider this kind of learning see many good sides of it. One of good points of studying in another country is that you hardly have contact with your mother tongue. In this way you easily get used to speaking foreign language, as well as you know the right stress and pronunciation. Furthermore, while living far away from parents, you get new experiences so you learn how to do everything by yourself and take responsibility of it. What is more, in the country you are spending a school year, you meet many people. Some of them, with whom you get on well, might become your whole-life friends.

However, there are bad points too. Firstly, a year spent abroad costs much. Not every family can afford to spend money on it. Secondly, young people do not feel well away from their parents and friends. As a result, although they might miss them, they could not just back out. They are also used to their national customs and it would be difficult for them to change the way they behave and celebrate.

All things considered, studying abroad is a good idea as long as people remember about their countries and tradition. It would be a great solution for clever and ambitious students who are ready to leave home and start a new kind of adult life.

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