Several famous people who I admire

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There are several famous people who I admire. The first, and probably the most impressive person, is the Pope John Paul II. He is the first Polish pope and that’s why he is the most popular person in Poland. He is very famous as a pope – pilgrim. His first pilgrimage was in 1979 to Dominicana and Mexico. He has visited Poland 7 times so far. His purpose as a pope is that there is peace all over the world. John Paul II wants all people to love one another. What I appreciate most about him is that he often smiles, tells funny stories and has a good relationships with young people. He is very wise, experienced and he knows several foreign languages.

The second very famous person is Adam Malysz. Last year he won the World Cup in Ski – Jumping. This year he has been continuing his success. Adam Malysz comes from a small town in Poland. He has been skiing since his childhood and he loves this sport. He has never supposed that he will be so famous and rich. His friends admire him and dream about being as good at ski – jumping as he is. I watch every competition on TV and I am proud of Adam Malysz. I think he is so modest and shy, and yet so famous.

The third person I admire is Jurek Owsiak. He works in charitable organizations and he tries to help the children who suffer from different diseases. Every tear he raises money from some surgical equipment. Thanks to jurek Owsiak hundreds of children in Poland have already recovered and hundreds of others are still hoping for recover. I admire Jurek Owsiak because he works with great dedication and he encourages other to give a helpful hand to the most needy. I hope that all people in Poland appreciate his efforts.

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