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People take advantage of what nature offers them but they don?t do much to protect it. The condition of our environment is becoming worse and worse and that?s our fault. We should blame for it / accuse of it.
People produce a lot of pollution and wastes that destroy our natural environment. People burn a lot of coal and wood and this burning produces carbon dioxide. Plants can change this harmful substance into oxygen but unfortunately people cut down more and more trees, especially rain forests and they don?t plant new trees. This defforestation causes the greenhouse effect. During the burning process we produce heat. Carbon dioxide creates a layer in the atmosphere which stops the heat from escaping into the space. When the heat can?t escape it comes back to the earth and causes warming. It?s very dangerous and leads to melting of the ice caps and as a result of it the sea level may raise and some part of the land, such as Japan or California can be flooded. At the same time, there may be not enough water in other parts of the world and droughts may change some areas into deserts.
Another dangerous process which takes place in our atmosphere is ozone layer. People use dangerous substances called CFCs. These substances are in some sprays in air conditioning and in some refrigerators. When we use this products, we free CFCs which go into the atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer which protects us from ultraviolet radiation. The smaller the ozone layer the stronger the radiation an it leads to skin burning and some serious skin problems such as skin cancer.
People also pollute atmosphere with car fumes and some dangerous substances included in them can cause acid rains. An average person produces a lot of rubbish which can?t be reused and as a result of it there are more and more rubbish damps. We can help our nature if we stop to produce so much wastes. We can segregate the garbage and organise the rubbish collection and later the paper, glass and plastic could be recycled. We shouldn?t buy disposable products, like cans or cartoons but we can buy food in glass containers which can be recycled. The most difficult to recycle is plastic so we should avoid such containers. We should also try to use unleaded petrol or try to limit the use of a car. People become very comfortable and they drive a car even if they go to a place which is in a walking distance. We should walk more or ride a bicycle. In this way we protect nature and we can also keep fit, it?s good for our health.
People use some synthetic fertilisers which cause soil contamination and in the course of time it can cause soil erosion. We should introduce ecological agriculture. In this way we can be sure that we eat healthy food.
Apart from it there are more and more factories which produce a lot of industrial chamicals and industrial liquid wastes. Very often they are poured out into river ans as a result of it some animals are threatened with extinction. Factorie?s chimneys shoud have filters because they give off some toxic fumes and toxic gases which cause air pollution. I would like to add that people also pollute rivers or lakes with untreated sewage from households.
New illnesses appear because of noxious compound?s activity. We have serious problems with incurable illnesses like AIDS.
In my opinion there should be more sewage treatment plants, national parks, greeneries and greenbelts, otherwise the degragation of the environment can cause even extermination so we should start to act to prevent it.
There are some organisations which fight to protect nature. Such people are called ?The Green?. Probably the most popular of these organisations is Greenpeace. They are known for very extreme actions, like chaining themselves to trees or railways, blocking the roads or blocking the oil platforms in the sea. They don?t do it because they want to become TV stars but in their opinion this is the only way to tell the world what some people are doing and how dangerous it is and the authorities should do something to stop such actions instead of pretending that nothing bad is going on. I think that people need more information what the condition of our environment is and they should be taught how to protect it.

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