Słownictwo part 3

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outdoors = in the open air, is not indoors
apparently - podobno, najwyraźniej, pozornie.
parallel - równoległy,
similar - analogiczny
siutable = right, proper, appropriate
tension - a feeling nerves, nervous
suspense = keep sb waiting - niepewność, napięcie
demand = need, requirement (rikłajement)
grumpy - disageeable, moody, cantankerous (kan'tankeres) sulky, sullen, gouchy (grauczi) bad-tempered
restore = give sth bac to sb - przywracać, odnawiać
follow up - dodatek,
continuation - kontynuacja
to be likely to do sth
to encounter sth - run into sth, expence sth, especially problems - natknąć się na coś, coś napotkać
Adjust = adopt = get used to ? zadomowic sie
Shyness = timidity ? niesmialosc
Glamorous = gorgeous = stunning = ravishing = a woman of great beauty ? olsniewajacy
Intercourse with sb = have sex = make love = stosunek sexualny
Attitude = the way you treat sth/sb ?postawqa, podejscie (traktowac)
I was late due to bad weather conditions
Due to = an account of = because of = oving to
Stomach disorder ? jelitowka ;pp
Looking forward to doing sth = can?t stand waiting sth
How about? ing
I suggest (that, should) sb doing sth
In order to = in cause
A narrative = a story
Set the scene ? umiejscowienie akcji
develop your narrative ? rozwiniecie
conclusion ? wniose, zakończenie
extinguish = put out the fire
eventually = in the end = finally
they were running into my direction
approach ? zblizac sie
entire life = whole life
content = what the task is about
comete with sb = try to win with sb
convince sb to do sth = persuade = cajole sb into doing sth = talk sb into doing sth

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