„Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

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Imagine this situation: Saturday evening, big shopping center, two girls are doing shopping and suddenly one said: look what a swet boy! And second girl said: I don?t like it. He?s dressed in such ancient clothes? then, the first said: But I like it, I think that he has got his own style. And they start arguing. Why ? Because each people like something different.
At first I want to tell you about our taste in all kind branches. We have other fancy in clothes, books, music etc. You ask me why is that? I recon that if everyone is absorbed in the same things our world will be totally uninteresting. In my vievs also beauty depend only on human?s character. For example I like boys with blond hairs and big blue eyes and my girlfriends prefer ?dark? boys ? that means boys with brown or black eyes and dark hair.
Certainly, if you ask some girl: ?tell me what kind of boys you like?? She can say: ?handsome one? funny? I don?t think so. In my views, I think that on the world are good-looking people and also? ugly. But it is my opinion ? I can said that I don?t like Arnold Schwarzenegeer but you can be mesmerized about him.
Finally, I can say that everything is different between us. We like various things and different people. Also beauty is changeable concept.

Od razu napomnkę, iż w pracy mogą być błędy..

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