Co możesz zrobić dla planety? - "What can you do for the Planet?"

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There is a lot of rubbish in the world because community make and use plenty of goods. The goods are often wrapped in plastic bags, which are disposed. They are hamfull for enviroment. Their decomposition is very long and they are unfriendly to the solid. It is a big problem because we are producing more and more garbage heaps.

In most countries people are obliged to a segregate rubbish however they often do not do like that. They do not know the main consequence it is dangerous for future generation and they do not think about bad effect. Because of the enviromental pollution a lot of illnesses treaten our health.

The goverment in Poland is discussing about prohibition using wrapping, which are dangerous to enviroment. They want to replace them eco-friendly wrapping. The goverment is going to enforce ecological laws.

In my opinion life in clean environment is very important thing. Everone will be healthier. Disposing rubbish in unsitable places destroy natural habitat. Another consequence is connected with animals which we love, because they can become extrinct. Because of the chemicals which there are in the solid.

To sum up let is protect the environment in order to live more comfortable now and in the future.

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