Technological progress would not be possible without advances in scientific fields.

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Many recent developments in genetic engineering and computer technology seem to suggest that the future of mankind depends on biologists, physicists, and mathematicians, and that the humanities are no longer so important. However, is true progress possible in world without philosophy, literature, art or music? I strongly believe that a prosperous and promising future for man does not lie only in the hands of scientists.
Firstly, technological advances always result in political and social changes, which lead to new ethical problems. So human functioning involves spheres beyond what can be measured, calculated and analysed chamically.
Secondly, the quality of life is affected not only by hi-tech devices but also by aesthetic pleasure, relationships with others, and finding answers to questions that have to do with happiness, aims of human existence and the like. Hard science may not be able to help much with that, whereas philosophy, literature and art can.
On the other hand, technological progress would not be possible without advances in scientific fields. Thanks to modern medicine, people live longer and certain fatal diseases have been eliminated. Life is much more comfortable and enjoyable with fast cars, labour saving devices and jacuzzi.
While, undeniably, there will not be much progress without hard scientific research, those who write poetry, make films, compose music and investigate history also contribute greatly to the future of humanity. After all, the term 'humanistic' comes from 'human' and I strongly support the view that there will not be humanity without human sciences.
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