Should pupils wear school uniforms?

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Considering the difficult problem of school uniforms one must be aware that it should be perceived from various perspectives. On the one side the opinion of teachers and parents and on the other student?s point of view should be examined. Across the world uniforms are worn in schools but this dispute still seems to be very difficult and complicated because there are many reasons for and against wearing uniforms. It was not proved that wearing uniforms effects on pupil?s behaviour and discipline at school.

The teenagers desire to has their own style and want to be the individuality and this is an argument against wearing uniforms. Adults should not force to wear uniforms because pupils feel like everyone else and they can not express their personality. It can cause frustration and negative effect on students? attitudes. Irritating for students can be the fact that the teachers can wear whatever they want to. In that case parents and teachers should look for a way out of that difficult situation. Now pupils wear whatever they want to and sometimes their dress is not suitable and appropriate for school but students can not to be forces to wear uniforms however they ought to know how to dress to school.

An argument supporting the conviction of the rightness of wearing uniforms is equality. In most cases parents can not afford buying expensive, designer clothes. Children should not be divided into better and worse because of the clothes they wear. If pupils wear uniforms, they are all equal. Students? social standing would be based more on personality and character not on their economic and financial status. On the other hand, in some cases parents can not afford buying uniforms. Children are growing up and one uniform is not enough for whole school education and they need at least one for summer and one for winter. Uniforms have no use outside of school. Uniforms ought to be partially funded by government because than it would be available for anyone.

Certainly, the presented arguments do not exhaust all aspects of wearing school uniforms and complexity of the issue but it does not prove that it has good impact on behaviour, improves discipline at schools and has a positive effect on students? attitudes. The efficiency of uniforms, in improving academic performance and students attitudes is often debated. To put it more simply, pupils should not wear the same uniforms. Headmasters should decide whether in their school uniforms would be obligatory. Instead of uniforms there should be an opportunity to determine the certain standards of school dress.

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