Christmas in Poland

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In Poland Christmas Eve is an important as Christmas Day. In Poland Christmas and Christmas Eve a little differ from Christmas in Great Britain e.g in Britain Christmas Eve is not as important as it in Poland.
Christmas Eve in Poland:
Christms Eve is a day of waiting on the birth Child Jesus. This day people from the morning prepere dishes for the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas table. Many people make last orders before Christmas. Christmas Eve is a day when here is obligatory strict fast, people stop eating meat foods and they don`t eat too much. Some people support tradition and dress Christmas tree in this day. Eve tables in different regions of Poland are differes with some dish. Christmas Eve dinner gathers whole family when first star appears in the sky. In Eve table should find a hay cover white tablecloth and twelve dishes. The most important dishes are: carp, herrings, red borsch with small turnovers, borsch with mushrooms, turnovers with saverkraut and dried mushrooms and kasza with dried plums. Amond this disches could be also potatos and bread. Before the whole family sit to the Christmas Eve dinner all breake to a Christmas Eve Wafer at the very beginning of the Supper when good wisches are exchanged. After Christmas Eve dinner the whole family sing the Christmas carols e.g "Silent Night" and children open the presents which are under the Christmas tree. On the midnight people go to the church on the Midnight Mass, because they wont welcome born Jesus Christ.
Christmas Day:
In Christmas Day whole family go to the church and visits small replica of stable of Bethlehem. Afternoon of Christmas Day is occasion when further family meet and visits other the family home with them parents, brothers and sisters. Evening come to the home coral singers and they sing corals.
Second Day of Christmas:
The 26th of December is a day st. Szczepan festival. This day people go to the church and go to the rest of the family or visit to family with we not see in the First Day of Christmas.

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