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I hate watch soap operas especially from South America, because all are identical. Somebody is in love with somebody, but they can’t marry. From first sector we know how it’s end. Moreover soap operas scriptwriters make too many episodes, which are almost the same. Every episode ends on “interesting” moment, when action stops suddenly. I don’t like such films, especially romantics, but polish soap operas are pity too. For example “Plebania” and “Klan” are made only for people who don’t like to think while watching TV. The characters are horrible, it is hard to say they are professional. I especially love science-fiction sitcoms. For example on last holiday I watched “Roswell”. This sitcom was about aliens, who lived on Earth and looked like normal people. They met some interesting people, who disclosed their secret. They together looked for spacecraft to return home. Unfortunately American government looked for them and tried to catch the aliens. At the end all aliens left town with their friends. Besides I watched “The Secrets of Smallville” about young Clark Kent, before he became Superman.
Except that two serials, I haven’t watched nothing else. I think that television is a waste of time. There isn’t anything to interest me, permanently is showing one and the same – boring movies and stupid soap operas. It is better to watch something on computer, because then we are watching only what we want and we will not see any commercials and irritating dubbings.

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