Being at university.

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To look back, that was the opportunity I had been waiting for - a chance to spread my wings and enjoy new experiences. I actually found out about American Studies purely by accident. I had this dream since I was ten, that I wished to study English and thought I\'d have to go to some big-name university for the sort of programme I wanted. So I came here, met the lecturers, they seemed to be far more open-minded, they weren\'t so controlling, they sort of let me go into my own direction. So I decided that UMCS was for me.

Well, at first I was amazed that being here broadened my outlook and gave me confidence. At the same time I experienced somekind of shock, all classes in English, a pile of books which had to be done immediately. Nothing connected with my old system of teaching remembered from high school. But on top of that, I was expected to do a number of hours of self study. Despite the fact I found it difficult, finally got accustomed to that kind of speed.

After a hard day\'s study, going out and having fun is what student life is all about, often with great student discounts and special offers. It\'s the perfect way to make friends and add a bit of sparkle to my CV. I lived in digs in my first year and it was absolutely crazy - loads of parties, nights out... No control, it looked as if it was somekind of hotel. No, it was brilliant... So I came back to live in digs again, I just loved the atmosphere - I loved having people around me that were so lively.

It is not just that making new friends change my life, but just because I kind of live alone here, away from my family, it gives me that bit more independence. An important aspect of being at university is managing my own time. It\'s up to me to decide when I’ll study, when I’ll go shopping and when I’ll have a night out. I guess that it plays a crushal role that sets me up for when I leave university.

My future? Well, I haven’t decided yet. Being at university should actually help me realize what I really would like to do, as well as allowing me to have freedom, to experiment and look into what kind of job would be appropriate for me. Now I just wanna enjoy my student life.

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