Advantages and disadvantages of old age

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The question isn’t that simple. My opinion can be based only on my experiences and observations. I am not old, so I can’t feel how it is to be old, but I meet older people every day in school, on the street and at home and I have my own view.
Let’s begin with advantages:
- Old people have a lot of free time, they usually don’t work, don’t learnt and don’t have a lot of duties.
- They don’t have big expectations. They don’t spend money on trendy clothes, toys, shoes, electronic hardware, etc.
- They usually have families, that take care of them.
- Old people live peacefully and slowly.
And there are some disadvantages:
- Old people are often sick and tired.
- Retired old people usually don’t have a lot of money, and they must spend money on medicines.
- They are often widowed and lonely.
- They can’t eat a lot of dishes, because of health reasons: liver, heart, and weak teeth
- Old people often have depressions and sometimes don’t want to live any longer.
That’s the present situation. Nowadays I wouldn’t like to be old, but in fifty or sixty years I think, that situation will be different. There will be a lot of old people, who will know how to operate computers, cyber net and other specific advanced technologies, that will help them communicate with other people and the whole world without living their homes and even without using their muscles.

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