Life in 2050

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We don’t know how life in 2050 will look like. Development of our civilization will continue? Whole culture will be destroyed by nuclear conflict? We can only try to imagine what kind of life will be lead by us in future…

Life in 2050 will look like in sci-fi films that we watched as kids, I think. Everything will be easier and more pleasant, because most of hard and difficult works will be done by machines. Computers and robots will control level of tidiness at our houses, precision of tasks at our works or progress of education at our schools.

Sensors in walls of our houses will catch our moods and desires. On the base of that, special machines will adjust everything around us – interior decorations, channel in TV or music on player. There won’t be mess of course, because hoovers will sense every little dust. Our beds will have a dreams control option so we will have nightmares only when we want it!

People’s only profession will be programming machines, because everything in our life will be under control of them. In factories, warehouses, hypermarkets, schools, clinics etc. there will be engaged about two or three workers, machine’s programmers of course. Life enjoying will be our main business!

People won’t learn stupid things like physics or chemistry. They will learn World’s Universal Language only. Other subjects like biology, science or mathematics will be optional, only for talented people. All process of education will be computerized, of course.

Will our future life look like we have seen it on films as kids? Well, we will find the answer when we are very old people.

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