What kind of life can a child born in the year 2050 excepted?

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In my view, life of the child born in the year 2050 will be easier. My vision of future is very optimistic. I don’t agree with those of people which say that in the nearest foreseeable future the world will be so polluted that we will be forced, for example, to pay for fresh air or that there will be no more rainforests, because we will cut them all down.
I believe that scientists invent environmentally-friendly cars, for instance propelled by solar energy. Technology and science will be used to keep the environment healthy and balanced.
What is more the medicine will be developed considerably. Also, there will be more laboratories. It seems to me that doctors will find cures for cancer, AIDS or any other incurable disease and what it follows people will live longer. The food will be healthier too. It won’t contain any chemicals hard on human organism.
I think that impossible things will become possible soon. For example, probably, we will be able to go on holiday to other planets. It would be very exciting experience to visit Mars. Of course, it will be very expensive.
In addiction, in 2050 year we will have more jobs. The unemployment will drop away from our lives. Moreover most part of the people in the whole world will be working at homes, so they’ll find more time for themselves and for their children. On the other hand the man can be so depend on computers that he will stop pay any attention to feelings of other people. Perhaps relationships will be worse than nowadays. People will be spending most part of a day in front of the computers. They will be playing new computer games or surfing by Internet and they won’t be meeting their friends. Of course they’ll be meeting new people by Internet, like nowadays, but virtual friends won’t be close to their hearts.
In spite of this, I hope that my vision of the world in 2050 will come true. It will be very gracious for us.

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