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It is quite clear that every kind of addition is a huge problem for civilisation. It’s not a problem of twenty first century but it started hundreds of years ago. However most dangerous additions are from drugs and alcohol.
The drug addition is a incredible society problem. Junkie is not only a person who is dirty, homeless, don’t have family and friends or who have sexual contacts with a lot of people. I’m quite sure that this is a stereotype of junkie.
Nowadays people who live under a lot of pressure takes drugs. I am thinking here about students (in school or university), and business man who have a really responsibility job and they have to work a lot, no matter if they are tired or just sick. Even if someone suffer from stress is taking drugs to hold it on.
I think it is because of easy access to drugs. There are a lot of global drag awareness campaigns but it don’t give a better result.
In my opinion there should be a separated lessons to talk about this problem and give more information about the consequences of using drugs and tell kids how to have fun without drugs. If we start earlier we won’t have to teach older people who want probably care about their lives if they will start taking drugs.

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