Addictions are curses of our times.

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I think that’s true – addictions really are curses of our times. Why? It’s so obvious that it don’t need explain. However, I’m going to give my way of thinking in to you.
There’s a lots of addictions – alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and new inventions like computers, TV, cell phones etc.
At first, let’s think about our health. Alcohol and drugs can destroy our brain. We can’t normal think and we see things which don’t exist. That’s why people say after alcohol we see pink elephants. At first alcohol is killing our liver and brain and next it’s killing us. Death by drugs is even easier. Just one milligram more and you’re not there. How many times have you seen people who can’t normal speak and go straight? Did you were in shock about it? I don’t think so. Let’s go to any bus – there’s minimum one drunk man. Our society isn’t surprised when on christening on the table stay vodka. Alcoholism is something popular and people don’t think that’s a problem.
Cigarettes aren’t so killing but it’s very dangerous too, especially when you’re smoking a lots of.. It’s poison for our lungs. What’s more – smoking is really disgusting and I have no idea why people do it. In every newspaper agent you can buy cigarette. Guests smoking in their landlord’s toilet. Non-smokers breathe whiffs in and poison their organism. Smokers smoking everywhere – in houses, in pubs, in restaurants, in parks…
What’s about computers and television? Most of kids and teenagers are addicted to it. Why playground are deserted and quiet? Because children watch cartoons or killing people at computers. They sit in homes and eating crisps. Their parents are satisfied that they children don’t play up and don’t disturb them. But this kids will grow up and they won’t know real world. They won’t know what the can or cannot, what they must or mustn’t, what they should or shouldn’t. But that’s normal for our society too. Because kids have to know how to use computer, because what they will do when they won’t know how to use the Internet? Where they will find job without it? So let them sitting before the computer all days, that’s for their future. That’s vicious circle.
More technology means more inventions and more addictions. We can be addicted of anything and we are. Can you imagine world without washing machine or telephone? If not – you are addicted too.

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