Writing task fze strony 32, z książki "New Succes at First Certificate" - Napisana przez posiadacza Certyfikatu Advanced

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I was woken in the night by a noise downstairs. It sounded like if something had crushed. I turned to the other side of my bed and concentrated on the night shelf, where the alarm clock was supposed to be. It was three in the morning, when I had finally located it after few minutes of searching. Being curious about what made this noise, I got up, put on my slippers and went downstairs. I couldn’t see anything because of the total darkness surrounding me. When I managed to find the light switcher, I turned the light on and saw a complete mess. All the shelves were opened, and their contents was scattered all over the floor, like if someone was looking for something very valuable. I made a few steps in the direction of the cupboard, when I suddenly noticed a shadow in the kitchen. I was only able to have a quick look, cause its ”owner” moved very swiftly. I new it had to be a burglar, but to be sure, I took a quick glance, hiding behind the wall. In the kitchen, there was a tall man in skuzzy clothes, wearing a balaclava on his face. At the moment I was saw him, he was searching the kitchen. I quietly turned around and rapidly went upstairs to my sleeping room. I opened the table drawer and took out a 9 mm WIST-94, reloaded it and ran downstairs.

The scammer was still in the kitchen, when I returned. I entered the room, pointed the gun at his head and cried:

“Don’t even dare to move a muscle or your brain will decorate that wall”
At first he looked at me, then he suddenly took out a dagger and started to run in my direction. I shoot four times and gave the bastard a deep six. I rushed to the phone to call an ambulance and the wallopers. I sat down and waited for them to arrive…

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