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There are many professions, many of ways leading thru life. It is our decision which one we will choose.
My opinion is that the best solution is a job connected with computers, a symbol of the new millennium. Internet, multimedia, interactive television – there’re surrounding us on every step. That’s why we must be familiar with today’s technology.
I think that it’s necessary to put the Computer science in teaching programme in Polish schools. This will prepare us to meet the incoming era of computerization.

If I would be forced to choose my profession now, I would choose job like Programmer, or other occupation connected to computers. That’s clear to me. Why? Hmm… I just feel good with all this technical stuff. It doesn’t fear me, to tell you the truth …
Of course I don’t want to be some brainless computer–freak with processor in his head. No, that would be an overstatement. I just wish to be a person well–knowing the computers, working in a good company connected to them. I think that it will be not a straight, easy way, but I will try to reach my intentions. I am already quite good with that stuff, so… Eh, we will see… We will see… At the end not everyone will succeed,

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