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I lay in my bed, trying to fall asleep. I probably did, because some time later I opened my eyes. I did not know what had woken me up, but something did. At first, all I could hear were regular night noises, the wind in the trees and the leaves falling to the ground. But the leaves were not just falling; something seemed to be falling or stepping on them. Then I was completely awake. Someone or something was outside. The footsteps were soft and slow, but I could hear them crunching up the leaves. Moreover, I could hear breathing close to my window. The breath was loud and heavy; thus, I knew it that couldn't be a dog. After a while the breathing got softer and I heard the footsteps again. It was moving away from my house. I thought it was finished, but then I heard a scream. The scream was loud and terrible. Finally, I became courageous and went to my window. Then I looked across the grass. There was a half moon and many stars, which gave a lot of light. I walked there, but there was nothing. Whatever it was must have gone away. All in all, nothing happened, but that was the most frightening experience that I have ever had

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