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At such a fabulous place as the Malibu beach is nothing wrong seems to happen, but the reality is not so gorgeous. Despite the safety that should be guaranteed an awful and dramatic event had happened there.
It was about midday when I decided to pack my things and head for the beach in order to enjoy my holiday in the sun. The crowded beach made me forget about the whole world. The sun was fully shining, I could hear the cry of seagulls, and the blowing of a mild wind refreshing sticky air. The only thing that made ma a little dizzy were and annoyed were children running among people. I was sitting at my deckchair and admiring the sight of the ocean when I thought that that nothing could ruin this pastoral atmosphere.
All of a sudden I noticed a little girl going under the surface. She couldn’t catch a breath and she was moving her arms nervously. Her mother must have been observing her as she suddenly started running toward the seashore and shouting for help. There had been a great mess at the beach, the time seemed to stop. I looked at the lifeguards who didn’t bother at all. Talking to some girl seemed entirely detached. The terrified mother rushed toward them to struggle to force them into action. At the same time, touched by the indifference of the idle men, dived into the water and managed to catch the drowning girl and take her to the shore. I found him very brave as he bend over unconscious girl and gave her a first aid without waiting for the ambulance, but somebody must have done it since the ambulance came shortly after the girl regained consciousness as well as the police which started to investigate the half – conscious mother who accused the bodyguard for being inactive. The most unbelievable thing was that they denied their passive behavior and were trying to avoid punishing. But it occurred impossible since too many eyewitnesses claimed the men to be guilty of that accident.
The mother with the scared and weak girl were taken to the hospital and the bodyguards presumably were fired and fined with a large sum of money, such a thing is unacceptable in such a responsible work. After the misfortune there could be felt some kind of dismay at the beach but all in all it was a lucky day – the girl was saved. I got back to my hotel and tried to rest because the emotions were very strong I am sure I will never forget about the poor girl and her mother.

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