The world would be a much peaceful place if there were more women in power’. Do you agree with this statement ?

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Nowadays, more and more women have the same rights as men, which helps them to be successful and more powerful. Highly-paid job positions are more often occupied by skillful and educated women rather than man. In my opinion, woman who are in charge of some organization or the group of people are more likely to succeed in the future.
To begin with, women tend to be good companions at work who place a high priority on maintaining good relations among other workmates. Additionally, they are self-controlled and make their decisions based on reason rather than emotions, which in ruling a country or while being a politician can be very useful.
Moreover, many people believe that women are inborn leaders and work on their own tactics which they find very peaceful. They always look for solutions that can harm the least number of people. What is more, they are more likely to take responsibility for something on their own shoulders and do not blame the whole world.
In contrast, it can be easily noticed that men occupy high official positions, for example in government or in the military, which probably has its roots in a history where most of women were deprived of any rights. However, time has changed since then and inequality between the two opposite sexes has disappeared.
Taking everything into consideration, I believe that with a bit of confidence, self-control and a strong will power women are great candidates for leaders, who will make the world a more peaceful place to live.

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