Working abroad in summer.

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Unemployment is a serious social problem, so every year thousands of young people go abroad during long vacations to work especially as an au-pair or at summer camps.
Nowadays it is a very popular method of earning money among students.

First of all, we are less financially dependent on our parents. We can afford everything that we want for example: the latest, designer fashion, brand cosmetics or other smaller expenses. Frequently a lot of young people's parents would not give their children money on expensive original clothes or cosmetics.

What is more, we can learn new skills which can help us to find work in the future. We can get the knowledge how to work in team or make good deciosions. When we have some work experience we will find it easier to find work later.

Moreover, work can change our life becouse of getting up early or working late in the evening. Sometimes it changes our life becouse we make new friends or maybe fall in love.

Also we learn something about the country where we work for example: culture, history and habits. In addition we can develop our language skills.

To sum up, working abroad in summer has a lot of advantages.

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