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In Poland television has been broadcasted since 1956 year. From that time a lot of things has changed. Nowadays, television-set is in almost every house, often even more than one. People spend a lot of time, watching tv programs. It has become a part of life for many people. It is hard to say is the television good or bad because there is many both advantages and disadvantages of it. I will try to mention some of them.

I think, the most important advantage of television is that it is a huge source of informations, knowledge and entertainment. There are plenty of channels with different topics. It provides every kind of information and entertainment: great films, shows, documentaries, science programs, cartoons and so on. You can watch the newest informations from all the world, it helps you to be up-to-date. You only have to turn on your tv-set and you can get some news. Sometimes it is very convenient. Watching television can be also great way to spend a free time. There are some really interesting programs about for example our hobbies. It can by also good way to spend evening, watching curious films.

From the other hand, there are also many disadvantages on watching television. It become to be very popular and common. Almost everyone has his own tv-set. People spend to much time watching stupid programs and shows. They become a slaves of 21' black box. You can't talk with them about anything isn't connected with television. Their life is depend on tv-schedule. The whole families watches television eating dinner, sapper, spending their free time in this way. Instead of going to the park, wood, to the lake or for a trip.

Nowadays there is many violence on tv. Jung children are watching full of violence and brutality cartoons and movies. They spend whole day siting in front of screen. Every tv-station broadcasts many commercials, the movies are being interrupted and we are watching commercials for few minutes. We also have to single out the really interesting programs and movies because there is many stupid and boring programs.

I have show only a few features of television. Of course it is only a small part. Watching television can give us many positives things like news, entertainment and knowledge but it can by also dangerous. I watch very rarely television, generally only eating my breakfast or sapper. I am not interested in informations from the world and I have much better ways to spend my free time...ofcourse if I have it.

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