Environment - what can we do to save Earth

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Nowadays every newspaper, radio or TV shower us with lots of news and warning connected with environment degradation. We hear a lot about greenhouse effect, deforestation, ozone hole etc. But what can each person do to make our environment better, cleaner, healthier...?

At first we can try to use less electricity. Most of people don't realise that by turning the light on they make the air and water more polluted. That's because the power plants, especially coal-fired one's, emit lots of harmful gases, like carbon dioxide, to the atmosphere.

Another useful thing, which would be good for our lungs, is to limit using cars. Instead of cars, which emit toxic fumes, we may use other means of transport like buses, trains, underground, which are much more healthy. If there is a situation someone has to use the car he can choose the smaller one.

One of the easiest ways to conserve the nature is to consume products in returnable packaging, like glass bottles. Using plastic bottles and metal cans leads to Earth's degradation.

One of the most important problem of present times are ozone holes. They appear in places where is the lack of ozone and this is caused by CFC's - substances which are added to many sprays, they are emitted by refrigerators etc. That's why we should buy 'ozone-friendly' products, which we can recognise by special label on the product.

Rain forests - maybe it's not our nearest vicinity, but problem of deforestation the greatest parts of the jungle in South America affects us in very specific way. As we all know rain forests are the lungs of the Earth, in process called photosynthesis they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. If we people don't stop cutting down trees there is a big probability of global warming, and consequences of phenomenon may be destructive to our civilisation. What we can do is to use recycled paper and plant more trees. Remember that a real man should plant his own tree in his life!

It's very hard to encourage people to environment conservation. That's because the negligence will be noticeable in a few dozen or even hundreds of years. But we should be short sighted, think only about ourselves. For next generation's sake must put all our efforts to make our planet enable to live.

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