My life now & before

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Life is changing and becomes more stressful when we are older. When I was 4 I thought only about teddy bears, dolls and lollipops. Now, first of all, I think about learning.
When I was 1 and 2 I always did the same. I used to drink milk, play with toys etc. Life was a piece of cake for me. Now it is complicated and hard, because I must do the homeworks, learn, clean (my room) and much more!
When I was born, I used to be bald, but now I have brown hair.
When I was born, I used to be very small, but now I'm bigger.
When I was a little child I couldn't wear pretty clothes, now I must wear glamorous or nice clothes.
We can find a lot of comparisons to my life now & before. I think it is normally, when we get older, we are smarter and we have greater needs.

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