Life in the past and now

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As long as there have been people, there has been technology. Technology and inventiors have been a powerfull force in the development of civilization. We use technology and inventions to try to change the world to suit us better. I have not the slightest doubt that life has changed and it is completly different than in the past. Life has become much easier but whether better? Let’s go back to the long-ago times – not necessarily to the antiquity but it would be enough - hundred years. How did the life look then like?

First of all, people wasn’t be able to travel in such degree as nowadays. Before XIX century life had been difficult and hard. They didn’t know neither fast cars nor planes. They used to travel by first vehicles which were very slow and uncomfortable. Trips had been long, hard and dangerous and people had travelled on foot or by horse. So their journeys were taking long time.
Futhermore, they must have been working very hard without any instruments (or they were primitive). Besides, the conditions of living were trying. What I mean is that, for instance, there weren’t bathrooms in many houses (they were outside) and people couldn’t afford different facilities. Another thing is that there wasn’t universal connection to the education. Very few people had prospects of going to the school. Although, not everybody who had this luck to go to school finished it.

Every important invetion has been discovered in the XIX and XX century. XIX century is often called century of inventors and scientist. People had died in many plagues and diseases. Letters had been only the means communication. During XIX and XX century a living standard increased becouse Alexander Bell invented phone, Thomas Edison invented bulb. It has been invented aeroplans, cars and others means of transport. People can communicate using an Internet, telephones, mobile phones. There are many modern medicines and vaccinations.
All this invention made our life easier, safier and better. Todays living standard is very high. People use computers, television, go to cinemas. They travel a lot because modern means of transportation make trip short, safe and comfortable. Taking everyting into account, life in the past was very hard and difficult. On the other hand, I think it was a little better than today. It was better in such meaning that it was safer and more carefree. I may be wrong but it is my opinion. And now let’s back again to the present. We are surrounded by countless achievements of science and technology. There are so many inventions which make our lives easier - from household supplies through means of transport. But at the same time, we are liable to perils - there are so many accidents, crimes and hatred. To sum up this all above, life is better today but not in every respect. With every day new inventions are devised to simplify our commonplaceness. Unfortunately, we can change this sentence and say: with every day new inventions are devised to make life more dangerous.

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