There is no justification whatsoever for participation in dangerous sports

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A sport or activity that is exciting and dangerous is called extreme. Such activities are obviously not for everyone. They tend to attract men, though not exclusively, in their late 20s to early 40s, who live for the moment. Although there is a long list of injuries on offer: from concussion or brain damage to broken bones, there are also numerous advantages of participation in extreme and dangerous sports.

To begin with, taking part in such risky and hazardous activities is an escape from the everyday boring life. For many people it is the only exciting and exhilarating thing in their life. Very often their existence consists of working and bringing up their children. Therefore they will go to extraordinary lengths to get high. If this means splashing out over $600 per day to heli-ski by jumping from a helicopter into virgin snow, and risk starting an avalanche, all the better.

Furthermore, some of the extreme sports, if done professionally, may be the source of substantial profits. Initially, it means of course making a contribution to buy the necessary equipment, but after some time, the money you invested pays off. Take rally drivers for example. This sport is undoubtedly very dangerous, but if you are good at what you are doing, it is extremely profitable and moreover, you derive a tremendous satisfaction from winning the rally.

All things considered, it must be underlined that there are several good reasons behind participating in dangerous sports. Not only is it incredibly exciting, but it may also be money-spinning and intrinsically rewarding.

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