Learning foreign languages.

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Foreign languages are used in many domains of our life. A lot of people go abroad on holiday where, if they want to talk to foreigners, they have to know any foreign language at least a little. some people go to other countries to find a job: then knowing English may be very useful and often is needful. If you want to read interesting books and magazines, which are published abroad in the foreign language, you start realise that learning the language is needed. You must also know foreign languages when you have any foreign TV channels and you want to understand something from programmes or films. If you know English you can understand words of music hits you hear on MTV, VIVA or on the radio and which are sung in English most frequently. A lot of computer programmes and games are written in English. If you know this language, you learn to use the programmes more easily than someone, who doesn’t know a word in English. Many firms in our country still look for people, who can work as an interpreter, an agent, a manager or a computer operator so you have better chance if you know any foreign language. Knowing Latin is very useful for doctors, pharmacists, biologists - many names of medicines, parts of our body, illnesses and species of animals are in this language. Besides, studying foreign languages may give us pleasure - some people learn them because it is their hobby, it gives them satisfaction and helps to spend their free time.

In my opinion studying foreign languages is very useful, because it helps me in many domains in of life. I think that everyone should know English to talk to one another more easily. Although learning a language is often very hard, it makes our life easier in nowaday’s world full of computers, buisness, diplomacy, modern technics and international organisations.

Latin - łacina
medicine - lekarstwo

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