Advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets like TV, computers and also the Internet

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There are a lot of advantages and also disadvantages of using gadgets like TV, computers.
Computers are very useful for people who work in offices and for children who want to have good fun. There are some disadvantages, too. People can addicted to them, so next they don’t think normal. The best advantage of computers is that we can use the Internet by computer. The Internet has got lots of advantages. You can send and receive e-mails. You can do shopping, too. People download files like songs or films but it is illegal. The Internet is easy and fast source of information. But by using the Internet we are threatened of viruses and other bad files for us. You can be robbed by hackers.
Next mechanism is TV. People spend most of their free time on TV. There are a lot of interesting programmes and also boring and bad for children. On TV people usually watch some films or game shows. Many people addicted to television and they don’t go out or do some sport.
For me computer, TV and the Internet is important. But I’d rather play football or basketball than sit all day by TV or computer.

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