Report - vandalism in a city

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After recent events happening in our area, I was asked to look into the matter of break-
ins, vandalism affecting the city centre and lack of social activities. This report concerns issues based on responses to the quenstionnaires sent to young people, who were asked for their opinions on availability of local facilities.

All of us could have observed the rise in vandalism in our area lately. Since last year, it has increased by 30%. There are several factors to blame for this. One of the major ones, mentioned by several shopkeepers is the rising number of unemployed youngsters in the town. Predictably, the lack of social amenities such as sports facilities, and evening entertainment such as theatres, cinemas and clubs has caused such condition, as the regional manager of national clothing chain claimed. So firstly, we have to concentrate on developing existing facilities, applying it to people’s needs. The opening hours of swimming pool have to be changed. Pubs should be renewed. To avoid boredom and causes of it – vandalism, club for those under 18 ought to be build. New facilities could be made available for these, who intend to take up new sports.
Another important case is connected with pricing. As we all probably know, new owner has recently taken over the sports hall and plans to extend it. The main issue is not to allow prices to go up, otherwise it could mean less availability to the less well-off people. Many young people cannot afford expensive ammenities as the cost is the most significiant factor in their choice of leisure activity.

Summing up, we can all live in a safe area, expand our horisonts, do sports and have a good time. And a „mindless damage to property” is now going to decrease when we all start to cooperate and rebuild our social amenities and evening entertainment places.

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