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18th March, 2003

Dear Efi,

Thanks for your letter, it was so nice to receive the last news from you. Moreover, it is good to have at least one close friend in England to exchange letters, somebody you may always confess.

How are you now? I was so sorry, you stop dating Tom, it seemed you formed so matched couple. Maybe, you’ll be more lucky in future.
Remember: even if you didn't succeed in the beginning, you should keep on trying.
And once you look at boy, and at a first glance you feel something... this is it!
I do hope you will find someone, with you will be very happy... I wish it you!
And you: in the mean time try to not to worry too much. O.K.? Please, promise me this...

I'm O.K. I wrote you I would go to the camp in Ustka, which was quite nice. The weather was very nice, too. But now I'm back in Slupsk and it is raining. I wish you were here with me. But you are so far... so I'm writing...
Coming back to Ustka. We had a very nice time there, we didn't walk a lot. Boys were playing ball, like always. The food was quite good. In the evenings we were watching television or video. You know, we watched very beautiful film: “Sheaksper in love”. Did you see it already? Once we had a disco. Bedtime was at 11 o’clock. In my room, there was one girl without me. It was Olga, my best friend. If you remember well I was written to you about her, wasn’t I? Unfortunately, we had too many lessons there. But I have very good memories with this camp; I will send you some nice pictures next time.

As you may know, on 7th November this is my Birthday. This is really special day for me (same for you). I must remind you that you are the first on my guest list. I'm planing a big party this time. Needless to say I'm looking forward to seeing you there this day!
I know you are living so far, but I just couldn't imagine how can I have birthday party without you.
You will be staying in my house. Please, write and tell me if you can come. My parents would love you to come and stay with us, for example two weeks. It would be great to see you again! Just let me know when you will be arriving. I will come to pick you up at the airport.

Write to me soon, please.
Best wishes to your family.


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